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Our Diabetes support group is run on a monthly basis with 4 x 2hour sessions over 4 weeks
Medicare rebates are available on referral from a GP

Medicare Information including referral form for group services

Groups are held at Health on Campbelltown with a Diabetes Educator and an Exercise Physiologist

Group sessions include-
Wk 1* Meet and Greet/ Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes/ Problem sharing
Wk 2* Diabetes and Healthy Eating/ GI foods/ Importance of exercise and stress management/   Depression and Diabetes
Wk 3* Type 2 Diabetes and complications/ Medications- Oral and Insulin
Wk 4* Goal setting for a Healthy Lifestyle/ Review and questions

Groups are suitable for Newly diagnosed and for clients that need a refresher and motivation to stay on track with their Diabetes
Each education session is followed by 1 hr with an Exercise Physiologist

Medicare and DVA provider